Miniature Goodness

In this blog I wanted to talk about some projects I have been working on. I am really getting into the whole creating miniatures thing. I have always been pretty artistic and this is one way to use my gift.

I think everyone will find them kind of interesting. This first one is a tub of miniature popcorn for the dolls movie theater.

miniature popcorn

miniature popcorn

I took some cotton balls and a sharpie to make the popcorn. I ripped apart the cotton balls to make tiny pieces of popcorn. I had to roll them into little balls and then lightly color them yellow to give them the appearance of being buttered. I took the print out of the popcorn tub from pinterest. It is a very helpful source for miniature printables. I am starting to make my own templates for creating miniatures. I actually have my first one up on my website for miniature baby food printables. It is free to anyone who wants to make them. It is not to be used for profit in anyway. My site has the templates under the miniature printables page.

Another project I ended up working on was this really cute miniature sundae.

miniature sundae

miniature sundae

It was fairly easy to make. I found the dish at the dollar tree. I actually converted a stacking cups game in the toy section into sundae dishes. They where the perfect size for what I needed.

To make these little miniature sweet treats you will need cotton balls, brown craft paint, pony beads, and a dish to put your sundae in. To make the appearance of a spoon I used a broken off piece of a plastic disposable fork tong. It is a fairly easy project to do if you are feeling creative enough to do it. My daughter absolutely loves playing with these when she is playing with her Barbies.

I have a work in progress with making my daughter a grocery store for her dolls. It is taking a little bit more time then I expected but I am also throwing in some pretty detailed items. I will be showing the final project when it is all done. I am excited to be making it for her. I know when I was a little girl we used to have a supermarket from Mattel that was not nearly as good as the one I am making now.

I hope that you enjoyed the miniatures I shared. Is there anything you create that is similar to this? I am always curious to see what other crafters come up with.