Hum Drum

Hello fellow bloggers it has been a while since I have visited the virtual world of blogging. I hope that I can in the future be a little more diligent about blogging. It is kind of therapeutic for me. I tend to be one of those people that bottle everything up. Which I know is not a good thing. I really do feel better when things that need to be said are either written or said. 

I have some wonderful news I am going back to school to get an Associates degree in Health Information Technology. I am really excited to be going back. This is part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging lately. My adventures in schooling have only just started and I feel like it can’t come fast enough to start classes. I know it will be a challenge with a two year old but I am up to the challenge. 

I hope to have some nice crafts in the next week to show everyone. I am working on a Christmas scene set for the Boos dolls. I am really looking forward to having that set up and ready to go for her. I am one of those people that really likes Christmas. I thought this would be an excellent way to enjoy the holiday. I have some craft ideas to do with the Boo. I plan on sharing what we are up to later in the week. 

Well I guess that is it for now. I hope that everyone will have a wonderful week and I look forward to updating you all later in the week. 

Thanks for reading 🙂


Boundaries Gallore

I have been seriously slacking in the motivation department. I am just recently feeling a little better from a cold I just had. It is kind of hard to focus on a blog when you have an ear infection and can’t stop coughing.

Despite the downs there are some ups. I just recently have been working on some miniatures for my daughters dolls. I made a little sofa chair for the first time. It was fairly easy except for the part where I had to get the fabric on just right. I think it turned out pretty nice. What do you think about it?

Barbie couch I made

Barbie couch I made


It is more of a sofa chair but it fits twelve inch dolls perfectly. I couldn’t of done it better. I applied pony beads to the bottom as the chairs legs.

Other then trying to spend tons of money on Barbie brand goodies I find I enjoy making these miniatures for her and they are a heck of a lot cheaper.

My next project I am super excited about working on is going to be a supermarket for the Boos dolls. I have some great ideas but not sure If I will be able to do it all in one shot. I guess I will have to go with it and see how it turns out.

I am super excited for the Boo. She is really blossoming socially at her preschool preview. I am hoping that when the class ends I will still be able to have her keep in contact with her little freinds.

I find that is one thing that is kind of hard to approach. The topic  of play dates. I don’t want to sound like a complete odd ball about it. I am kind of shy myself with certain things.

How do you cross that threshold of boundaries to connect with someone for your child? If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to send them my way.

As a mom I feel like I could improve in so many ways. I find that the days don’t contain enough hours for me to accomplish what I want to do. Then on the other hand I find myself needing motivation sometimes. It is always a constant battle to clean the kitchen and keep the Boos bedroom clean. I feel like I clean one mess and turn around and see another. Or it is one of those moments where you clean the area up and your child comes through like a bulldozer and trashes it again. Such are the woes of a mother.

Don’t get me wrong I love the mess in a certain way because it shows that she is exploring her surroundings. I am or at least use to be a pretty big neat freak but not so much anymore. I find to keep my sanity I need to bend the rules a little.

What are some time management ideas that you use to accomplish tasks around the house?





My Little Smarty

After taking a little over a week to finish it here is the dress I was working on:

Halloween Dress

Halloween Dress

I think it turned out pretty good. It has been several years since I have made anything with the sewing machine but I think I did great with this project.

When I gave the bear to the Boo she got too excited and said “awe how cute”. She proceeded to give the bear a big hug and kiss. If given the chance she will show it off to anyone she can get to.

It is amazing how the littlest of stuff entertains kids. I gave the Boo some giant Legos to play with while I cooked dinner. She played with those things for a good hour. That is a record for her with playing with something in one sitting. I mentioned while talking to her about the leaning tower of Pisa (not sure if I have that spelling right) and she kept talking about making it with Legos. It was too cute. She actually did start to stack the Legos pretty high. My Boo is such a smarty.

After dinner we decided to play with playdough and I made a sweet snake.

It was a beautiful day and hopefully an even better weekend. Thanks for reading until next time. 🙂