A Blustery Fall Day

This past weekend was a fairly eventful one. We had a good time at her preschool class. The Boo was able to see her friends and play with all the cool toys they had. I thought one activity they had was pretty awesome. It was play dough with potato head pieces. They had the kids putting the potato head pieces on the dough to form their own little person. I thought that was a pretty neat concept. I also liked painting activity she had up with paint rollers and glitter paint. That is always cool to switch up the paint accessories to let the kids broaden their horizons with their painting skills.

Then the Boo had a shopping outing with mommy and daddy on Saturday.

Sunday was our most exciting day of the weekend. I took the Boo to the pumpkin farm and had her pick a pumpkin out. It is a pretty nice looking one too if I may say so myself. I can’t wait to carve it and show you all how it turns out.

Now with the Boo a little older I am really starting to enjoy these holidays even more with her. It makes it so much more fun when she is so excited and aware of what is taking place. She absolutely can’t get enough of Halloween kid shows and movies. Today alone I had to play a couple of movies we had about two times depending on the video and characters. She also can’t stop talking about trick or treating. Once I told her the concept of it she can’t get enough of it. I really think she is going to enjoy trick or treating this year. I actually found her practicing the other day knocking on our front door and saying trick or treat. It was so cute.

This year it is proving to be a very frigid fall so I do not think her loot will be much if any at all.

Do you have a Halloween tradition that you do with your family? If so what is it? I always love to hear what others come up with.

That is all for now thank you reading and happy blogging. 🙂







About nrhartwig85

I am a stay at home mom looking for enriching ways to help my daughter grow. My daughter is my light in life. I love reading, crafting, cooking and being a mommy.

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