Monkey see Monkey do

Today was a pretty slow day for us. I think that it was a decent day despite that.

I did get a moment to work on my dress pattern for the Boos Build a Bear. I will have all that up and posted once I am finished with it. I am really excited about it. The dress is gong to be a Halloween theme. I think the Boo is going to love it.

I never really realized how much work a website could be but I really want to try to make it work. I have so many great ideas and it is one of the few things I have to myself lately. If anybody does get a look at it please give me some feedback. I would appreciate it if no one posts anything hateful. Thank you. Before I forget the site is If anyone has any helpful advice of something you might like to see my post or create just let me know.

More and more lately I realize how much my daughter learns from me. I feel like I need to sensor myself more. I definitely think that my love of electronics is starting to spread into her interests. She just can’t seem to leave the kindle or ipod alone. It is amazing to me though how a 2 year old will know how to work that stuff.

We got to watch Iron Man 3 today and it was pretty good. I liked it. I think that Robert Downey Junior is soo cute. He may be older then me but he has that charm that draws me in. I love the way he plays Iron Man.

Well I guess that is it for tonight not a whole lot of exciting stuff going on since the weekend.

Thanks for reading. 🙂



About nrhartwig85

I am a stay at home mom looking for enriching ways to help my daughter grow. My daughter is my light in life. I love reading, crafting, cooking and being a mommy.

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