A Little Bit Goes a Long Ways

Today was a pretty good day for me and the Boo. We had a pretty early start in the day. With the bad weather we where having we decided to play ball in the living room. Nothing to robust just a gentle bouncing and rolling back and forth. Of course with the Boo she likes to chuck the ball when she can. 🙂 This tends to entertain her for a good half hour to an hour.

Later in the day it was starting to look pretty nice out so we went outside to do some art.


items we used


I reused some of the ideas from her preschool classes to use at home. I grabbed a good sized shallow walled box to put the paper in. I let her paint to her hearts content in it. I threw in some macaroni on the side for her to apply to her masterpiece. She is really becoming a little Picasso. She loves art.

Here are her finally masterpieces.

20130919_150848     20130919_150512

Lately I have been looking for ways to expose her to other kids her age. As of right now I just have her preschool class but am not sure what else to attempt to get her involved in. If anybody reading this has any ideas please feel free to comment. I am always open to suggestions.

I took her to her favorite place earlier tonight. Its kind of like a generic Chuck E Cheese. As always she runs to the candy machines and tries to get her favorite item the sucker. I always find myself spending the tokens more so then she does. I am a sucker for the claw machines. I have been successful a time or two.

As a mom I really do try to engage her in activities that I think would benefit her of course. Her preschool class is day one on Saturday and can’t wait to see what is in store for us then. I am hoping maybe my little lady might make a friend or two.
Thank you for reading until next time. 😉


About nrhartwig85

I am a stay at home mom looking for enriching ways to help my daughter grow. My daughter is my light in life. I love reading, crafting, cooking and being a mommy.

One response to “A Little Bit Goes a Long Ways

  1. What beautiful and artistic paintings!!!! Great work Keira 🙂

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