Introduction of me

Hi my name is Nicole. I am a mom to a beautiful 2 year old. She is the light of my life. I have been looking for an outlet to put my thoughts and creative ideas into. A blog seemed like the place for that to happen. I am all new to this. My daughter as of late has been into Barbie for a while now. She loves all the little things I have been making for them. Of course with a toddler I am always looking for ways to entertain her. I will be sharing my ideas with everyone. I hope everyone finds my ideas as helpful as they have come to be to me.

It is one of those tough nights for me. The Boo is sick and I am trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. Well thanks for reading and I will have more posts to come. They will be loads of fun. Happy Blogging 🙂


About nrhartwig85

I am a stay at home mom looking for enriching ways to help my daughter grow. My daughter is my light in life. I love reading, crafting, cooking and being a mommy.

2 responses to “Introduction of me

  1. Hi Nikki! I love your blog and how it tells whats new with you and Keira. You are becoming quite a pro with this….wow. Enjoying your lovely blogs, keep them coming, especially the pics of Keira♥

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